Value In Investing In a Class or Equipment For Your Fitness Lifestyle
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Value In Investing In a Class or Equipment For Your Fitness Lifestyle

Today I was researching about some additional fitness activities that I could incorporate into my life. My initial reaction was to research about various activities and possibly finding some classes to train in to get a better feel of what would be good for me. While a fee is expected of course as everyone has to run a business, I am kind of surprised at how expensive some of them can be. For example, two days a week for one hour sessions at about $170/month.

If you were to break it down it doesn’t sound too much for a lot of people. For example, 8 classes a month means it is about $21.25 per day. Value is of course extremely subjective. But in terms of a dollar value overall it just made me think how something like this would be like $2040 a year. That figure raises eyebrows all of a sudden huh? With that money, I could easily invest in some nice equipment for home use with an instructional video where even if I only did a new exercise for like 30 minutes a day it would make so much more sense financially.

I personally haven’t been much of a going to a gym person due to the cost as I kind of viewed it the same way where that monthly membership seems like it could add up to the point where it makes more sense for me to invest in the equipment to use at my own convenience. Or in my case, I just made my lifestyle to be active and healthy where technically it’s like going to the gym every day in a natural way.

But in this case I am trying to learn something new………but the cost sure makes me wonder if a class is truly worth it in this case.

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