Using Your Own Services

Using Your Own Services

I thought this was kind of funny as there was a company where its business is essential human resources where they seek to help say employers find employees through the use of its website applications. As expected you see them advertising how they have thousands of job seekers to emphasize the growth of the site. With that in mind when it came to hiring people for themselves it was a little ironic that you saw them using other companies and services in order to find candidates.

You can’t help but to wonder in that case if that means they themselves don’t believe in the quality of the service that they provide if they don’t use it themselves. It’s one of those factors that I suppose you tend to overlook too in terms of if you are trying to say that you offer better products or services compared to another. It’s a little different of course if it’ like a restaurant as it probably gets tiring if you kept eating the same thing.

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