Using Your Normal Skills To Make Money

Using Your Normal Skills To Make Money

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We are often told that to stand out we need to be extremely different. Otherwise you will get lost in the shuffle. Or when it comes to selling items you will then have to compete against price or convenience where the big guy will usually win at that. It was interesting seeing a situation where with this notion a person tried so very hard to do outlandish things in an effort to standout. Nothing he did seemed to be good enough though.

Then apparently he realized that a lot of people were simply fascinated about his culture such as the food and activities that take place. It’s super normal for him but not for others who grew up in a different environment. Because he got so many requests to learn about these things he started to create guides that explain things such as the traditions of his culture while establishing partnerships with business he could direct people to. It seemed so silly to him at first where it doesn’t exactly feel like a good or valuable skill to have as it is just a normal thing in his life. Sometimes that’s all you need.

You just can’t underestimate how things that are normal or mundane to you can be extremely valuable to others. They often say be yourself too.

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