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Using The Wrong High Profile Ambassadors for A Business

Imagine this where there was a company that was desperately looking for someone to work on its production where as a start-up they wanted a high profile individual. They happened to find a person who appeared to have lost his job due to the company closing and had quite a following. So they hired him thinking that in doing so they should automatically get a ton of exposure. As it turned out they didn’t get any kind of surge.

Now the main factor for this was it seemed like the person was known to specialize in a particular industry that was completely different from this company. Therefore the person’s core following wasn’t really interested in that stuff. I was then thinking with all the money they spend on a high profile person they could have probably gotten someone less known but actually specialized in the topic they needed which would have probably generated targeting leads that they actually want.

Sometimes you have to look beyond just the numbers to figure out if the solution is a right fit for your projects. Imagine getting a vegetarian to work as an ambassador for a meat company as example. Sounds silly but that is essentially what this scenario was in essence.

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