Using Visual Calculation For The Final Bill Alaskan King Crab Drama

Using Visual Calculation For The Final Bill Alaskan King Crab Drama

There was this piece of news going around where apparently a group of tourists dined at a restaurant called Paradise Group and chose to eat Alaskan king crab. That’s usually a pricey meal with the crab being fairly large. Based on what the company said they explained to the diners that the crab was $26.80 per 100g and even brought the crab out for them to see. The apparently agreed to it and the crab weighed about 3.5 kg at the end.

While they enjoyed it, they were shocked at the final was $700 and the police was actually called in as they didn’t want to pay the bill. Apparently, the diners gave reason such as they had no clue they were going to get the whole crab versus just some of it. You would think that is common sense when ordering something like crab where they show you the whole crab so you know what you are getting. As well, you’d have to be a little naïve to think all that meat you were eating was not from the whole crab too.

But with all this people were suggesting that for a business in these cases you should try and always give the customer a visual reference as to how much the item will cost at the end. So in this case, using a calculator in-front of them to show the cost. That may be good for tourists as many times there could be a language barrier on what they think you are saying. I could imagine one interpreting it as $26.80 for the whole crab funny enough.

It can also probably scare people away from ordering expensive items too. But for by the pound orders this may be a better choice to avoid something like this from happening.

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