Using Up Your Gift Card Credits In One Go Even If You Don’t Need To
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Using Up Your Gift Card Credits In One Go Even If You Don’t Need To

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Recently a person invited me to go to a restaurant with them where they got a $50 gift card for Christmas specifically for that place. The funny thing is most people would see this as an “Oh boy! Free meal!” But as I mentioned many times I usually try and treat other people’s money as my own as well where I wouldn’t want them to spend too much. So when it came to ordering I didn’t choose the most expensive item and just chose whatever seemed like the best value.

With what we ordered it didn’t even reach the $50 mark. So the person was telling me to order more in order to use up the gift card. I was reluctant though as I really didn’t need any more and to me it’s still money for the person they can later if they wish. But the person was then expressing how he would rather just use everything up and pay a little more. Otherwise that means he would probably have to come back again.

That’s kind of an interesting thought as I know gift cards in general are great for businesses because people usually end up spending more than the value of the card. This perspective made me think though where if you got a gift card for a place you don’t normally go too often is it better to just spend it all? Otherwise like in the stated example that means you would have you go back and maybe spend even more? Example, $ left on the card and then having to buy a $15 meal on your next visit. There was actually almost $9 left in this case.

I guess when you have a lifestyle habit of being frugal just spending more than you need seems odd at times even if it is free. Especially if it is someone else’s money.

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