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Using Unmatching Pair of Items or Buying New Ones

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The other day as I was walking I reached into my pocket to grab my pair of gloves and noticed that I couldn’t find the right hand glove. At first I thought maybe I placed it in my bag but nope. I guess I must have dropped it somewhere during the day of travel. So now I have one glove and sadly this isn’t the first time I have lost just one out of a pair.

I would usually buy a new pair, but it got me thinking where since I do have another single glove from a different set would you simply wear nonmatching pairs of gloves for the sake of saving money? Fashion wise I am sure it will get stares, but if it works is there a reason not to? I know there are people that do it for socks when they are just going out for an everyday trip versus say an actual event of some sort.

Although I do find it strange when people literally just throw them away. If anything I am sure there would be someone out there that would love a pair regardless if it doesn’t match design wise.

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