Using The Ideal Solutions Even If You Stand Out
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Using The Ideal Solutions Even If You Stand Out

Recently I decided to use one of those face masks that has a fan and filter built into it as with the summer coming soon wearing a regular mask indoors is probably going to be very uncomfortable. As well, all the perspiration build up on the masks can`t be a good thing. So it just made sense in every way to use one as the cost wasn`t too much. I actually used it indoors while doing a job recently and people couldn`t help but to ask about it since they are used to seeing disposable masks only.

As well, when going to shop for groceries you often get stares from the staff as well because similarly people aren`t used to seeing it. It made me think as many times people simply wouldn`t use items like these because it draws too much attention. That sounds so weird to not use what is best for your situation simply because others are treating you like a tourist attraction.

I guess for me this is one of those things you get used to really fast where you can’t just base decisions on what others think. Imagine not using the most economical and efficient tools for your business simply because other people think it is weird as an example. At the end of the day your decision is going to affect you and not the third party onlooker.

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