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Using The Expensive Grocery Stores For Product Knowledge

I wanted to buy some chia seeds today and I already had in mind as to where I could buy the product. However, I decided to drop buy a whole foods store. As a consumer I usually assume that places like these try and stock premium type of items where the prices reflect that as well. While browsing I did notice a package that was $9.99. Wasn’t too expensive but at the same time it seemed like a pretty basic price.

I then went to a regular store and funny enough they had the exact same brand and package of seeds for $7.99. Sure enough, I decided to buy that. I usually do this a lot to save money. Many times, from my experience stores that sell premium priced items like these are targeting people based on marketing. In many ways you are paying for the “peace of mind” where you don’t have to think if what you are buying is a “premium item.” Of course, many times for grocery items you can usually find them in multiple stores.

While it’s not true 100% of the time of course, this can help you narrow down which products are the good ones in categories that you may not be too familiar with at first. From there, you can increase your product knowledge to better determine value.

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