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Using The Coupon After Price Matching

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I surprised to hear today that a person was disappointed that she couldn’t save more on an item as even though she had a coupon that would give her $40 off on an item at a particular store another place was selling the same thing for $10 cheaper. So using the coupon would mean that she would save $30 when you think about it.

The interesting thing was she was told she could get the company to price match the item and then afterwards apply the coupon which would mean she would save the full $40 as if she was buying it at the cheaper price. She was surprised about this as she didn’t think companies would allow that. I’m surprised this isn’t more common knowledge as usually in these cases unless there is a specific fine print saying they won’t allow it that means you can take advantage of it. No different than coupons that you can stack up together if there are no stipulations about it.

Another way I save money sometimes this way is I take advantage of the company doing price beat guarantees where they deduct 110% of the difference and afterwards you apply the coupon to it. Again, unless they say otherwise you may as well stack up the discounts.

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