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Using Store Survey Discounts

I noticed something interesting the other day as I had to do some shopping at the mall. Three out of the five stores I went to had some kind of a customer satisfaction survey that they want you to fill out online where the address is printed out on the receipt. To entice you to do this they offer you an incentive such as a 20% off your next purchase offer.

I was just thinking how if you intended to buy more than one item you could save a lot of money by not buying everything you need at once. Of course this makes most sense if you are buying higher priced items like say a $50 shoe and not say a $1 apple as you don’t want to travel back and fourth for small items.

It might even be very easy to do too if you have like a web enabled cell phone where you can just fill it out on the spot. There’s one place I could have easily saved about $20 if I knew it had these surveys ahead of time and it would have only took about five minutes to do. If you are really paranoid about personal information technically you can write whatever you want usually too.

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