Using Nudity To Get Attention
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Using Nudity To Get Attention

While juts walking outside today there appeared to be a bunch of people riding bicycles which is perfectly normal. However, in this case the riders were mostly naked. Yup, just riding down the street with no clothes on. This apparently happens each year around here in Vancouver where people participate in this naked bike rid event which I believe is supposed to raise attention for environmental causes. They were accompanied by police officers, so this was a known event of sort.

Companies usually try to use sex appeal to get attention while making sure they don’t actually show anything that would make it adults only. But in this case they just go all out. I have even read stories of people attempting to sue broadcasters if there was unintentional wardrobe malfunction. Yet here I don’t think there is much people can do about that if they walk by and see it.

I suppose for causes if you are ever tight on money for a marketing budget this kind of shows you can do virtually anything that a regular business wouldn’t be able to get away with.

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