Using Network As Advertising As Opposed To Genuinely Meeting People

Using Network As Advertising As Opposed To Genuinely Meeting People

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Imagine this where there was a person who wouldn’t give another the time of day simply because they didn’t feel they have anything that they needed at this moment. However, in a typical story fashion it turned out on a later date they did need their help. Because of their actions before though the person refuses to even acknowledge them back.

This was an actual scenario I saw recently with a little twist. There was a lady that advertised herself as wanting to network with others for a particular field of work where she explicitly asked people to contact her. While many people were interested and made the contact she actually didn’t follow through. As it turned out she just used it as a form of advertisement to get herself known on a larger scale. Not very professional of course.

So fast forward later and she now actually needed someone in a particular field. Funny enough there was actually a person that she could of networked with where while he wasn’t what she was looking for he actually knew a person that was exactly what she needed. However, after thinking about it apparently because of her actions where it seemed like she just treated people like numbers for her own gain he opted not to reach out to her.

That’s always a mistake I feel where when you have the opportunity to genuinely meet others on a professional it’s an opportunity that shouldn’t be wasted I feel. Even if you don’t need each other now who knows what the future may hold and building those bridges can only help you in your path to success. Just using it as like a form of free advertisement without caring to learn about the other seems to be a waste. It’s like having a special spot to grow a tree that can produce valuable fruits where you instead use that spot to stick a sign to talk about yourself.

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