Using Money To Unmask People
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Using Money To Unmask People

One of my friends was telling me today on how he has met so many people that have tried to take advantage of him as a result of his financial success that he has kind of developed ways to quickly sort people who are genuine.

His example was that there was a person he met who seemed to be extremely friendly and willing to help him out all the time. Of course, he suspected the reason for this was that the person wanted to get on his good side because of his wealth. So, what he did was that one day he just kind of implied that he was having financial difficulties and needed some possible advice on what to do. As expected, the person had a “I’ll get back to you” kind of attitude which made it really simple to unmask the person.

It’s always hard to really find people who are genuine in these types of scenarios. This is really general based on my experience, but the way someone says “Thank You” when you say offer to pay for say a restaurant bill is usually a great indicator in terms of how genuine one is. Example, the person tries to fight for the bill, just says “oh thanks” and so fourth. I’m sure there are a lot of other ways people use too.

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