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Using Job Candidates To Promote For You

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What an odd thing this was I thought as I saw a company that was trying to look for employees just like an other business. However, they did not want the traditional method of people sending in cover letter and resumes. Instead, they wanted it done more as if you are auditioning for some reality TV show. In this particular case they wanted people to go on various social media sites and from there they would start posting publicly why they think they would be ideal for the role.

Surprisingly a lot of people did this. Kind of a smart move from the business in some ways as they are essentially getting free attention and publicity for their business this way. It does make me wonder though if anyone is even truly getting hired this way as after doing some research they seem to be requesting people to do this all the time as if they have yet to find the ideal person. I would be personally a little skeptical if I was a job seeker for the reasons stated above. In many ways it’s almost like you are working for free.

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