Using Humor To Express Business Displeasure

Using Humor To Express Business Displeasure

I was watching a video today which I found hilarious as it dealt with a person running a business that decided to upgrade its gear. They opted for top of the line gear that you would see Hollywood films use so you bet it is going to be expensive as certain companies have influence in a way where if you don’t use their products then people will not think what you provide is good quality. In making purchasing he realized how expensive the products were in comparison to similar products as well as breaking down the cost of material. I’s almost literally like paying more so that you can be recognized among a group of influential people.

Now usually people would scold companies when they feel they are being ripped off in this way per se. But the funny thing was this person decided to do it in a more humorous way like a comedian that just tells the truth and the insanity of it just makes it so funny. As a result, he gets his point across while still maintaining a good relationship with everyone.

That is interesting to think about such as when companies decide to use negative ads versus comedic ones against their competitors. I often find the humorous ones tend to stick with me more. I personally feel using extreme negativity helps more if you are targeting people who already dislike whatever it may be as they would be actively looking for more proof to solidify their view.

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