Using Given Gift Money To Buy A Present
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Using Given Gift Money To Buy A Present

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During the Christmas time a person didn’t know what to get me and so they decided to give me money. It was a lot too as it was one hundred dollars. I always feel bad when people spend that much on me for presents which isn’t necessary. So what I thought of doing was that I knew the person actually needed a new telephone for their house. They wanted a traditional landline which should work even without power. So what I thought was I would use the one hundred dollars the person gave me to buy the phone for them.

When the person found out that was my intention they really didn’t want me to do that as they said it wasn’t right since it should be my money. Realistically though I was thinking it’s just money. You can’t really tell if I spent my own earned money on this phone to give as a gift or if I used the one hundred gifted to me on groceries as an example. But in this case would you consider this equal to say giving the person any other gift back to them? For example, they bought you some clothes and you gift them the exact same thing sort of deal?

I even said if I simply mentioned this was a gift too then it’s no different really. Even with gift money I personally like to spend it trying to do good things for other people whenever I can. I get more enjoyment out of that than say dining out with a $100 meal personally as an example.

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