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Using Established Platforms When You Are Starting Out

Early on when you are trying to establish your identity it can be hard to stand out. Why would people go to you as opposed to those that they are familiar with? What got me thinking about this was seeing how a company wanted to create video as a way to help engage people to learn about their company and offerings. They published it on their own site and of course hoped that people would discover them. Not many people did. I then asked why they didn’t use established platforms such as YouTube or Facebook where they could probably get more traction there. Their response was that they were financially well enough to host things on their own so they don’t need to rely on those companies.

To me that can be a mistake where you are missing out on the ability to have a presence in an area that has a lot of traffic for you to capitalize on. It’s almost like saying when you are starting out a traditional business it can make sense to setup shop in a place such as a mall district where you can probably get the support from whoever you are leasing the space from as it is in their best interest to see you grow. Even though you can afford your own building in a specific area it can make more sense in the beginning to go where the traffic is.

Even on a lighter note if you were setting up a class it can help to do it in a community centre as an example to get more exposure as you will get promoted and seen in various ways through them. As you build up then maybe setting up your own dedicated space could make sense. Take advantage of established platforms to generate more eyeballs to you.

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