Using Coupons To Buy Gift Cards
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Using Coupons To Buy Gift Cards

For some reason I have noticed that a lot of the coupons that have been distributed by various retailers recently neglect to include a clause of some sort stating that the coupon can’t be used towards a purchase of a gift card. Example, it could simply state that you get $10 off a minimum purchase of $20 for anything in the store.

While the thought would usually lean towards just finding an actual item that you want to buy and if not you simply ignore it, surprisingly the idea of buying a gift card just bypasses most people. When you think about it, it is almost literally like someone willing to trade you $30 if you give them $20 in this scenario.

Kind of a nice way to give a person more money to use too if you are the type of person that usually gives gift cards as presents to others. Similarly, if you ever intend to shop at that business yourself then you can give yourself some extra free money to spend.

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