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Using Company Founder Signature In Messages

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I got an e-mail today from a business that I made a purchase from a few weeks back. Unfortunately, the order never shipped out yet as apparently they are still backlogged from all the sales it has generated during the boxing day events. So as a result, many people such as myself got a template e-mail on how they apologized for the delay and at the end of the message they made it look as if he message came from the company founder himself.

I was then thinking how I suppose many people would feel more special this way if they got a message from a person that definitely has the majority control in a business. So in that sense it is a smart move if you are trying to build more trust and rapport. My first inclination though was to see how genuine this mail was by looking at the return address of the mail. Sure enough, it just leads to a generic mailbox address. So to me this message wasn’t exactly a personal one.

Makes me wonder how I would react if they did make a dummy e-mail that did just lead to a dead end but appeared to be one used by the founder of the company.

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