Using Community Centers To Save Money For Place of Meetings

Using Community Centers To Save Money For Place of Meetings

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Today I went to meet some people where their conference room happened to be in a community center. While that was different as many people usually spend money renting professional types of spaces, this actually made sense financially and was fine for what was needed. Many times too, people have meetings at like a coffee shop where you are forced to spend money on food or beverages in order to take up a spot.

Does this feel too low class or cheap to you though? Just to note, the host usually has to have a membership of sorts to be able to rent rooms for these purposes. So it’s not entirely free per se. I know community centers can often be a good way to host fitness classes as an example as opposed to trying to rent out traditional commercial spaces. It can make a lot of financial sense to use it as a stepping stone.

I suppose we just don’t normally think about using community centers as most would find it “tacky” to do so. But if it saves you a lot of money and gives you what you need then why not?

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