Using AI To Work Usually When Closed

Using AI To Work Usually When Closed

There is a lot of talk about people using AI to replace real people for certain tasks to be more efficient potentially which generates the debate if a human can truly be replaced in various areas. For example, interacting with a real human when it comes to customer service as AI bots nowadays often just generate pre-made responses that can be frustrating for the customer.

But one topic that did get me to think is using AI for times where you would be closed for the day. Could you imagine informing people that they can still make some kind of purchase and get support after office hours from a robot? Would informing the customer that actually lower their expectations in terms of the support they would get as it would service as more a way to allow people to purchase goods and services even after regular hours?

Off the top of my head, it makes me wonder if that would work for a fast food drive through at the late hours where they would only serve specific items with no special requests. Some places are already trying that during regular hours. But again, it’s an interesting thought to lower people’s expectations for times you would simply not be opened at all.

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