Using AI Even If It May Be Destructive ChaosGPT
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Using AI Even If It May Be Destructive ChaosGPT

With so much talk about AI platforms nowadays it seems like if you a aren’t at least experimenting with it in some way then you are simply going to be left behind. With that in mind, there have recently been a lot of news about AI going rogue to the point where it could be so destructive that it’s better not to use it. One interesting example is this account called “ChaoGPT” where it states its goal is to “Destroy Humanity”

It almost sounded like something out of that X-Men cartoon where those robots called sentinels were originally designed to help humans but then the robot determined that the human race must be rules by them as they concluded humans are a danger to themselves. So with those doom and gloom scenarios would that actually stop you from exploring current AI platforms that can help you grow your business?

I’m inclined to say most people will continue regardless as the benefit in in the short term is too enticing and the assumption is safeguards would be developed to stop potential rogue technology. In the movies they usually glamorize an 100% digital world too. But in scenarios like these it makes you wonder if you should always still have manual operations that require something tangible amongst a group of people to operate.

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