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Using Advisers To Save Money

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I was at the event today and it one of the things that was kind of funny was that there was so much food ordered for the amount of people that were in each table. By the time the last few dishes came even the waiters had the mentality that maybe they should just pack it up right away instead of putting it out on the table.

I was thinking how this happened and once I heard the answer it was pretty apparent. Basically, the person that did the ordering didn’t actually eat much herself and so she just ordered things based on a guess on what should be in included to make a complete meal. Imagine say a person that only eats salads and not burgers. So they just assume that say three burgers, two large fries and one whole apple pie for each person sounds like a normal meal. At the same time, there is no consideration such as some of the people are under five and can’t exactly eat that much.

It definitely made me think of how if this was a business situation that it would have been wise to hire like as adviser as I’m sure the fee you would pay would be worth it rather than over spending in a large way like this. I’m sure this restaurant was happy today though as regardless they got one huge payday with all the things that were ordered.

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