Unnecessary Medicine Expenses
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Unnecessary Medicine Expenses

Some people that I know have been getting some minor illness such as the flu recently. A comment came up on how it was a waste of money in trying to buy all these types of pills to try and quickly get rid of a discomfort that your body will be able to take care of in due time. A common example would be if someone has a headache they immediately buy say some Advil or Tylenol.

That got me thinking as I personally just go through the natural ways of getting better and I haven’t really gotten sick or had to take say pills for well over a decade. Some people say I am strange because of that. Thinking from it financially though, I guess I have been able to save money that way too.

Of course that is not medical advise as you should see a doctor if it seems serious. But in general, I suppose it is a logical thing to do to save money while at the same time not training yourself to be dependent on drugs/medication all the time for little things as like anything else they add up.

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  • Marsha 1/27/2008

    I doubt I would survive without having ibuprofen or acetamenaphen in my medicine cabinet at home. I don’t like to suffer.

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