Unexpected Fire In Downtown Vancouver
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Unexpected Fire In Downtown Vancouver

I just about wrapped up my day and was ready to go home while in downtown Vancouver today. All of a sudden, a bunch of police cars drive by and everything from businesses to the SkyTrain was closed. Traffic was a mess as expected to. This definitely caused me to change plans as everything was in a standstill around the area. So what is one to do? I usually try and find something productive versus just spending money to pass the time such as eating at a restaurant.

I just decided to try and get some pictures and videos of what was going on. I figured in terms of a time investment perhaps if I’m stuck in the area then maybe I can capture moments that may have some benefit in the future such as people needing media of the events taking place. I was able to capture some interesting shots even if it’s just with my phone.

Again, you never know when something like this maybe of use. But at least I didn’t end up spending money as it kept things interesting until I was able to head home.

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