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Understanding What Demographic A Company Is After Before Giving Your Money

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For myself I have been reading about the US presidential election stories whenever it pops up out of interest. One topic that came up recently is how there are a ton of media outlets that are saying Donald Trump wouldn’t be where he is without a rich parent. One big thing that keeps popping up is this case about his old school Trump University where various people are suing it for reasons that seem to fall along the lines that they feel the whole thing was just a money grab. I then read one comment that stuck out to me where a person was saying often these private schools target people of a certain demographic. Example, people who are desperate to find financial solutions to turn things around.

Come to think of it, viewing it from the business point of view where you are the demographic can definitely save you a lot of money. I remember way back when I went to that “Learning Annex” for research as Trump’s name was plastered all over the promotions. If you haven’t you can read it at

For me I went with a very open and curious mindset. But as I mentioned back then it was kind of disturbing how a lot of the speakers had scripted speeches which seemed kind of demoralizing. For example, one person kept saying how the people in the audience must have a lot of debt and such which of course means they need to buy their products. For me I was listening to that more from a technique point of view which enlightened me as to the type of people these things were targeting. Afterwards that opened up so much light where in many ways I feel you are paying for hope.

It’s unfortunate as many times you can just be looking to genuinely find ways to increase your knowledge and perspective to help turn things round. One thought I usually have is when people buy into these types courses at private school I often find that what they are really looking for is like a mentor. As a result, many people keep buying products and services from the person as a way to get that time with them. If the mentor is what you really want that should make you think too before dropping your hard earned money.

But viewing yourself in the perspective of the customer demographic for the business can sure make you think before you decide to drop like tens of thousands of dollars into some program. Understanding the business side of things isn’t just for the business owners.

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