Turn It Off Day
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Turn It Off Day

So today a lot of people and businesses voluntarily turned off unnecessary lights and other equipment to help conserve energy. I guess you can say it is very similar to the Earth Day event as its purpose is to bring awareness on what we can do to help conserve energy while at the same allowing many people to save money.

Feels like a very eco friendly initiative year so far I must say as it seems like every other week I have been hearing about something related to conserving energy and resources. Kind of makes me want to watch that planet earth dvd that everyone says is suppose to be very captivating as it kind of puts you in the mood in wanting to see the Earth’s natural happenings and resources.

I’m not sure about everywhere else, but here it seems like you can still see sunlight even after 8:30pm and I personally prefer using natural light rather than having to flip something on. I guess if you are really serious about conserving energy or doing it as a way to save money, like anything else it has to become a daily part of your life to really be effective.

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