Trying To Save People Money By Shopping At The Same Time
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Trying To Save People Money By Shopping At The Same Time

Today I was checking one of my shopping apps to see if there were any good offers to take advantage of this week. There was actually a good one where for one supermarket they would essentially give me $10 worth of store credit for every $50 spent. So if I spent $100 I would get $20. Another way of looking at it is that I could essentially get 20% off my purchases.

My first thought was to ask family members on whether or not anyone wanted to take advantage of this deal. Essentially, if they spent $50 I would put it under my offer and simply give them $10 so it’s like they are taking advantage of the offer without the need to actually get the offer themselves. Sure enough, I had a few people that wanted in on the deal.

Now the only negative is that for myself everything is essentially becoming a store credit for me. However, this is a supermarket that I often shop for groceries so it’s not like I won’t be using it in the near future. That’s one of the fun things I enjoy doing when it comes to constantly finding good deals. It’s not always about saving money for myself but rather trying to help as many people as possible to save money as well.

Sharing the wealth doesn’t always have to be about giving people money directly. In this case, helping others to save can be just as good. May as well get the most out of your offers and coupons. Although, I wonder what would happen if I offered this to complete strangers lining up at the checkout near me.

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