Trying To Impress The Wrong People

Trying To Impress The Wrong People

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Kind of a fascinating situation this was where a person was complaining how he couldn’t find anyone who was willing to work with him for free to get a project going. He started to reference various examples of other people who were able to get the right talent to get things going where if he had the same luck per se then he could start as well. My first thought was it should be just as easy where if that guy can do it so can him. But he expressed how he tried but can’t.

After trying to evaluate why I think I narrowed down the issue. Just from observing his social media posts it seemed like he tended to gloat a lot about how he was around certain people and events in an effort to increase his profile. It works in many cases. However, these people do not have a close relationship with him. For the people he does know every well and who would help him he doesn’t give them the same attention and only asks them when he needs help.

I guess you can say it’s almost like how many people would treat their own family members not very well while taking them for granted. Yet when it comes to a stranger of sort they treat them so well. So in that sense it was no wonder he had such a hard time finding people who would want to venture with him. He essentially didn’t really focus in fostering the relationships that would actually help him. Don’t take those true relationships in your professional circle for granted I guess you can say.

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