Trying To Implement Credit Card Surcharge Fees As A Big Company

Trying To Implement Credit Card Surcharge Fees As A Big Company

It’s quite common for smaller companies to try and pass off its credit card transaction fees to the consumer even though a lot of credit card companies actually forbid that. However, usually they handle as mall amount of customers each day to the point where they are low profile and can get away with such charges as most people wouldn’t say anything.

Recently I was reading how the company Telus here was seeking for regulatory approval to pass a credit card surcharge fee on its customers who choose to pay their bills with that method of payment. As you can imagine, a lot of people were upset over that since here in Canada the Internet and phone service fees are outrageous compared to other parts of the world.

It does make me wonder what a large company is thinking because in terms of public perception it probably just makes one look even more anti consumer in the sense of everyone is just a number to make more money from. I can see if the company is bleeding money heavily but that isn’t the case here. Trying to make the experience convenient and affordable to the customer is better for the long term I think anyways.

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