Trying To Get Professionals To Work For Almost Nothing

Trying To Get Professionals To Work For Almost Nothing

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With more people opting to do various gigs either part time for some extra cash there seems to be a spur of companies advertising for help. This can range from simply cleaning duties to even technical stuff such as putting together a computer. But one thing that always makes me wonder is when people advertise that their company or founders are hugely successful to say that you will gain a lot from working with them. At the same time they don’t seem to be able to afford to even pay people for professional work. Or the other strange part is they pay so little and expect the contractor to use very high end equipment for the work.

I can only imagine that people do this partly to try and attract professionals that will produce high quality work without them having to pay too much. But with how fast people can search the credentials of a company nowadays isn’t it better to just be upfront about the real position the business is in? If anything I would think you can still attract the appropriate talent if the opportunity itself you offer seems worthwhile.

I do remember one example where this person asked a designer to make a website for a charitable cause but he refused with the reason being that’s his livelihood and he can’t just do it for free. Perfectly fair comment. Yet funny enough there was a different charitable cause that he was fully wiling to work for free because the topic was something that he related to. It’s all about matching the right opportunity with the right people while at the same time ensuring that their efforts will have a lasting impacting ways that they care. This is as opposed to trying to lure people to do things for virtually nothing in essence where you are saying you feel other things in your business or operation demands you to pay them generously but not this person.

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