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Trying To Get People To Do Your Work for You

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I actually couldn’t believe this before where a person came up to me as he was excited about starting a project and he figured I could help him with some pointers since I am in a related field. While it’s great to help people what was peculiar was that it seemed like he wasn’t actually going to start anything until he found people who were going to do the work for him. Imagine wanting to start say a retail company where you have this great idea but you won’t actually process any orders or deal with any customers. Instead you just want to setup the store and hope to find people who can help you run it for free.

That sounds crazy but this was essentially what the person wanted from people. The scary thing too is this is actually very common. It’s almost like people are so afraid of putting in the work and possibly failing that they would rather use up other people’s time and effort so that if it doesn’t work out then they won’t be in as bad of a position. Tring to leverage your time through others is one thing if you were say hiring employees. But to try and use people for your start up in this way makes me think you simply aren’t ready to start your own business.

At most if you have the budget you should simply outsource certain things that take you too long to do where you can invest your time in other things. But in the meantime you should have to put in the work.

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