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Trying To Get Just The Product

It’s almost time to start submitting in taxes again and of course one thin that I am doing again is looking for a tax software to purchase and use. One thing I noticed is that some of the products have gotten more expensive and from a consumers point of view some of the packages got fancier. Funny enough, if you try to just get the plain product online it is still the same price.

That is usually the case too where if you try and avoid buying products with all those fancy packages it can often end up being a lot cheaper. I found this to be true especially if you ever have to buy a lot of small parts to build something such as a computer. Even when I shop for stuff like groceries if I see one thing that I want to buy I try and see if they sell the same product expect in a different packaging as more often than enough aside from quantity reasons the packaging itself can make the item cheaper or more expensive. A funny example is buying fruits that are in a bag as opposed to a box. The best over exaggerated example is bottled water though right? :mrgreen:

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