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Trying To Get It For Free First In Business

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It’s seems common where when you read online advertisements for people seeking work help many times they try and ask people to do it for free. This would often be something along the lines of looking for students who want experience or seeking people to help as it may become big and they can get paid a lot after. What was interesting was reading a post where a person essentially wanted someone to do an entire video production for them at no cost. The pitch was simply they may have an investor and they need to show some work with the promise of hiring the person after.

Normally the person could probably expect to pay around two thousand dollars for such a task. I guess they didn’t get a response and afterwards they appeared to post another advertisement for the same thing. This time they offered about two hundred dollars. It made me wonder if people who read the old post would continue to not take them seriously. As well, whether or not their strategy was to offer compensation as low as possible until someone bites.

I think this is usually not too bad of a tactic if you are negotiating for the sale of an item of sort where people usually start low and go from there. Who wants to pay more than they have to right? But for employment types of agreement I think that may actually hurt your reputation in the long run. I think generally speaking if the person is essentially taking the risk for you as a founder of a company of sort where they are taking huge financial risk then they should be treated as one too.

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