Trying To Get Free Professional Service From You

Trying To Get Free Professional Service From You

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One thing that I have constantly encountered is how when you have a particular skill or resource that people may find useful it’s not uncommon for many to try and get you to do stuff for them. The thing that often bothers me is how people try and get you to do stuff for free knowing full well that they would have to pay someone else hundreds of dollars to do the same thing. They don’t just ask for it either. Instead, they may treat you nicely or invite you to places hoping that while there you would actually do whatever the work is for them.

For example, it could people someone needed help fixing a broken item where they invite the professional over for dinner where afterwards they just happen to have this broken item and asks if they can fix it. This is the person’s job too where it’s kind of inappropriate in my opinion to get people to do things like that for free. If anything you should just ask ahead of time if it’s okay. Or another example could be you invite a photographer friend to an important event where they go there to have fun while taking pictures. Then after the person asks if they can have copies of the image where the motivation for inviting them was obviously to try and get some free photos.

It’s important to b able to say no in those cases I feel. I know one example where a person was all happy and bubbly talking about how fun this event will be and then it seemed like out of nowhere they asked if the individual could do some kind of work for them for free. He actually had a pretty straight forward answer where he said he can’t do that as it is his work that he relies on.

It’s kind of funny when you think about it where we would never just give say a customer free stuff if we worked at a company as an employee. You would most likely get fired since you are costing the business money. I guess as a self-employed individual we have to think the same way many times or we will simply get drained to bankruptcy.

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