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Trying To Find Friends And Associates To Do Business With

The other day my friend was saying that his copier ran out of paper and so he had to pay a ridiculous fifteen cent per page to get some documents photocopied. He wasn’t too happy having to pay that much money considering how inexpensive it is to do it yourself. He then made a comment how it wouldn’t have been so bad if he instead paid that money to say a friend where he would give them the money instead to photocopy the item with their home equipment. That way at least he knows that he is giving his money to someone he knows.

That’s usually my first thought too always where if I have to spend any money on items or services I usually try to think on who I now that I can do business with. Seems like the logical thing to do where you support the people that are around your daily life. At the same time, it can be a good way to build business relationships. For example, doing business with those who you think may do business with you in the future as well. An extra way to maximize your investment I guess you can say too.

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