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Trying To Fill In All Your Spare Time or Not

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This week it has been a little odd in the sense of I found myself completing a lot of m work faster than normal to the point I had spare time to essentially do whatever I wanted. In most cases people would probably just watch some TV or just go out and relax. But for myself I tried to find something that I could do in hopes to get ahead. As well, researching if there are potentially other opportunities I could consider as a side project in case this happens again.

But is that too much? I have often read in some places people overwork themselves so much to the point that it affects their health and lifespan. So in that sense you should always remember to take a break. But one thing I have always tried to do is maintain life balance to the point where I don’t currently feel the need to just do nothing one day by overworking myself the rest of the week. I try to make a little time each day for everything that I feel is important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle physically and mentally.

For example, at the moment I usually try and walk as much as possible to my destination which is definitely not faster than a car. But with the exercise I get I don’t feel the need to spend say a two-hour day in the gym in order to stay fit. So if you feel balanced in that sense what would you do if you suddenly had spare time? During these pandemic adjustments I find myself being more efficient.

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