Trying To Fear Sell Informed Customers

Trying To Fear Sell Informed Customers

I was entertaining the thought of changing my Internet provider as many times the way to get the best rate is to simply change companies every time your contract expires. With that though, while walking through the mall a person asked me to check over their plans at their kiosk. This was for one of the large telecoms here so you can be sure they have a lot of enticing deals to get people to switch. It seemed pretty standard where the person asked what I was currently paying and the speed I get.

It turned out they didn’t have a plan available in my area that was faster but he did see a lot of options to get what could work and was cheaper than what I was paying. The person really tried to push for the sale expressing how all he needs is an ID and he can sign me up. There is no risk too he kept emphasizing since I can cancel within thirty days if I don’t like it. However, I told him I would need to think about it as I have a few weeks left with my current provider.

This is where he tried to use fear selling. He expressed how I should sign up now because if I sign up later with them then there is a possibility that they won’t have a technician available for weeks to hook up the service. That would mean there is a chance I would be stuck for days without Internet if I just cancelled my current service without getting a replacement. I knew that wouldn’t be the case though as no large telecom should take two weeks o hook up basic services.

He persisted though and I even mentioned how if that was true where a technician could take over two weeks then I shouldn’t use there company. Imagine if the service goes down that means it could take them over two weeks to get someone to fix it. He stumbled on that one. Fear selling simply doesn’t work in these instances huh? It’s just better in these cases if companies just let the rates and service quality do the sales for them.

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