Trying To Bypass Store App Fees

Trying To Bypass Store App Fees

I noticed more companies have been doing this recently where usually when people by items through an app store such as the Apple App and Google Play store those platforms would get a transaction fee of sort which is how they make money. You can imagine how this can add up to millions of dollars in revenue for companies. Especially ones that sell credits for apps such as video games. So because of that a lot of companies are actually trying to get users to buy these credits directly through the company site instead. The incentive is the consumers will get credits for less money and the company gets to keep more of it.

There has been controversy with this of course such as the game Fortnite and the company going into a battle against Apple where they claim its against their terms of service to do such a thing. But while that is a big company that gets a lot of attention, there seems to be a lot of smaller businesses that are doing something similar while remaining under the radar.

I do wonder if it’s a good idea in that sense as I can imagine for a smaller company getting removed can pretty much be the end for them as they simply don’t have the resources to rebound from such a thing.

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