Trying To Be A Hero With Your Money and Finances
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Trying To Be A Hero With Your Money and Finances

I personally think when it comes to money a lot of times people tend to do things that are more than they can realistically handle as it seems like the most noble or right thing to do. A good example would be say someone buying a car right when they become an adult as for many that is a symbol that you are successful financially even if they really can’t afford it in the long run.

Another example that is a little trickier is say wanting to live on your own right when you reach that age where you are free to do as you please. In a lot of cases if you are say living with your family, I’ve often seen parents encourage their kids to live at home in order to save enough money so that they can ease up any financial hardships and then move out when they are ready. While this may sound like the most logical thing to do on the surface, for many they simply go ahead and try to live on their own without a solid financial backing which in turn creates more obstacles. I guess the main reason to do something like this is that you don’t want to burden others and also for many it just seems like something you should do. Ironically, many times it ends up as the person goes back for help in a state which now requires more time or money to fix.

I usually dub situations like these as someone trying to be a hero with money. While it is great in wanting to be independent or say wanting to place yourself in a self-fulfilling situation, in my opinion your method in doing so shouldn’t result in you simply creating another hardship in a different way which in the end isn’t really solving anything. Why not jump into things when you are prepared to help avoid problems in the first place?

Even in other things such as your work, a person who knows their strengths, weaknesses and limitations are often the more successful people as they are able to apply their skills effectively. You can kind of use that same logic with money if you are one who tries to take on too many things when you really don’t have the proper foundation to do so. Be a hero with money if you can truly afford it, but otherwise I’d say there’s no shame in having to take the less glamorous route initially if you need to.

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