Trying To Avoid Doing Work With Technicalities

Trying To Avoid Doing Work With Technicalities

Imagine this which actually happened where there was an organization that is supposed to handle complaints and issues with a company. To my understanding they at first just act as a communication channel in hopes that the company can resolve the issue. If everything is okay then like most ticket complaints of sorts one just leaves it and the case is closed. However, if there is anything more the customer can then write say more details below.

So in this case he customer did write more details. However, days went by with no response. After following up with the company, apparently they closed the request because someone in the company couldn’t comprehend what the issue was. Instead of then clarifying with the customer they just left it dormant to imply it was their responsibility to be more precise.

What a crazy response I thought as it almost sounded like they were creating reasons not to do the work. In the most technical sense, the only way I could see a company justifying it is if it was like a form that says you must begin your phrase with a certain word or the application would be rejected. So while the company could technically be in the right with that, it isn’t exactly proper I think in this context if the intent is to avoid the issue.

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