Trying To Live A Gig Job Lifestyle

Trying To Live A Gig Job Lifestyle

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I was reading some articles lately that talked about how there are so many ways to get paid nowadays that involve people simply taking on small side jobs whenever they please. Good examples are Uber drivers where people can be a taxi whenever they feel like it and get paid or delivering restaurant food for businesses. Because of that a lot of people are opting not to go the traditional route in working full time for one particular company.

Now the negative point to this is that usually means you probably won’t qualify for benefits that a full time employee would normally get. The upside of course is you get to make your own schedules and can pretty much do something different each day if you wish. Would you consider this being an entrepreneur in some ways? Funny enough this type of routine is actually very common for people like an artist as they constantly do side gigs to pay the bills while working towards their goal in making a living in doing what they love.

But in that case people are technically doing that to work their way to a point where they wouldn’t have to do that these side gigs per se. Could you imagine doing part time gigs as your full time job until you retire as an example?

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