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Trying It With The Bare Minimum Before Committing To A Large Purchase

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Whenever it comes to starting a venture the common scenario is people need to spend money to get the right resources to enable them to begin. But often times this can be an extreme money waster as people often get things that are way over their heads while at the same time it’s not exactly what they need. A computer is a great example where while everyone pretty much needs that there are some people that would literally get a very expensive gaming computer for their business which is unnecessary if all one is doing are crunching numbers with spreadsheets and word processors.

I often find it’s a good idea to start with the bare minimums if possible for you to truly learn what you need. A great example for me was before when I was thinking of creating videos I had this plan and idea to buy a great camera with these motorized gimbals which is supposed to keep the video steady as you walk. But when I started I wanted to see if making videos was actually something I could do and enjoy. Therefore I started with the bare minimum which was literally my smartphone.

From using just the smartphone I started to realize that the most important factors is whatever I was carrying had to be portable while giving me a stable image. Long story short I eventually went with a compact action camera that had stabilized video and boy was that the right choice. It would have been such a mistake to purchase this large high quality camera and all those parts as I can’t imagine having to carry all that around while setting it up every time.

Starting with as little as possible can save you so much while helping you realize exactly what it is you actually need.

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