Trying Another Time or Settling For Less

Trying Another Time or Settling For Less

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Imagine trying to sell some kind of property where someone is getting a lot of requests but unfortunately not at the price they are asking. So the real estate agent then suggests them to drop the price even lower to the point where one could literally be getting say $30,000 less than asking price. Because the owner wasn’t really in a rush to sell he decided to hold off as he would rather delay moving than losing that much money. Three months later he decided to place the property for sale again. As it turned out, he pretty much found a buyer almost instantly and sold it for his asking price.

It reminds me how many times we second guess ourselves or the work we create that needs to be changed in order to make something more appealing for the market. A lot of people spend thousands of dollars from marketing experts and all too. When in reality like in this case it was simply a matter of being present at a better time because there was literally no change to the property or price.

That’s an avenue that needs to be explored too as opposed to always thinking that you need to actually change something about a product or service. It could just literally be bad timing.

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