Trying An Online Customer Support Versus A Phone Call

Trying An Online Customer Support Versus A Phone Call

This got me thinking as I recently contacted a company where I needed servicing for their product and like many they offer multiple ways to contact them. For example, email or through a toll free number. I initially thought I would try the email as it seemed like a straight forward request.

They were pretty prompt in answering. I also did have a premium plan of sort with them which should have expedited the process. Even though I mentioned that in the message as well, it seemed like the person processed the case without it which meant slower service. While asking for clarification I got no response.

So the next thought would to be to speak to an actual human on the phone. That seemed to generate a correct processing of the case. I find nowadays different channels of communications for customer support in companies can yield different results. This can be true for things such as trying to get specialized retention plans for services. While many would say keep phoning in the same number, trying other options like an online chat if offered could yield more desirable results.

That’s odd from a businesss perspective of course as you would expect to offer the same quality service regardless of which channel you use. Perhaps it is due to many companies outsourcing their customer service departments as well for certain channels versus having in-house workers on others. Either way, as a consumer it’s a way nowadays to try and get the desired results of your interactions with a company.

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