Truly Saving Money When You Get Things For Free
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Truly Saving Money When You Get Things For Free

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Today my dad caught a couple of sockeye salmon and so he decided to give a bunch away to people in the family. These are usually pretty expensive to buy in the stores. The funny thing I thought was how the initial reaction from many was to just feast away since there was quite a bit. Whereas if you had to buy this from a store you would probably be a bit more conservative. I guess you tend to overlook things like this when you didn’t have to spend money upfront to acquire it.

Even for many people who own say a garden the first thought wouldn’t be how much can they try to store for future use for once the season comes where you can’t grow anymore to save money. Whenever I receive free stuff like this I usually immediately think of the things that I don’t have to buy where I can integrate this into my meal plans instead. Just the thought of being able to save a ton is a good enough motivator to do so.

It would be divulging a bit much I think where if you say kept your regular meal and then added this as well because you got it for free. This example can be the same for most other situations. For example, if you normally spent $5 at a store and then you were given $10 for free I wouldn’t then just spend $15 one day simply because I got free money. Just makes more sense to treat those ten dollars as if you can go two days without spending money.

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