Treating Non Customers With A Bad Attitude

Treating Non Customers With A Bad Attitude

This was an interesting story as a person was telling me how they went to various clothing shops to try and get a hole in piece of clothing sewed where for the most part it should be pretty simple. While asking for a quote apparently one person quoted that it would cost about $15 to do so. They thought it was too expensive and so they decided to look elsewhere.

Here was the interesting part as initially the store worker was given the sweater to look at it. Once they found out that the person wasn’t going to do business with them the employee apparently just threw the sweater on the counter table in a “then get lost” type of way. It makes me think do many people not realize that just because you didn’t make a sale that you should still in a sense treat everyone with respect because you never know if they will be back again when it may be a right fit?

Almost like saying if a person walks into a large retail store it would be a little odd to treat them like a huge hassle while telling them to leave unless they are going to buy something for sure. For this situation too I bet the business could have simply offered some additional options or maybe relate with the customer more to win them over. But to just turn into like a Dr Jekyll like this isn’t the best choice I would imagine from a long-term standpoint.

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