Treating Existing Customers With Equal Care or Lose Them

Treating Existing Customers With Equal Care or Lose Them

This got me thinking today as I was troubleshooting why a phone line wasn’t working where I narrowed it down to the phone box. So I picked it up and proceeded to return it to the provider at its retail store to verify it was the issue. When the employee checked it they verified that something seemed to be wrong with the box and so they mentioned they would provide me with a different one.

As the person was processing the exchange another person who wasn’t yet a customer started asking questions about the service. This was the odd business practice part I thought where she then directed her full attention to this person as this could mean more business for the company. Literally over five minutes had passed as she kept essentially doing a sales pitch to this person as I stood there still waiting for her to process the exchange. Eventually she finished talking to the person as she gave him a signup form and afterwards she turned her head and realized she still didn’t finish processing the exchange.

Afterwards I got the new phone box. As well, I was actually going to try another company before that has better rates and customer service from what I read. With what happened today, I think I will make the switch. It got me thinking where the business probably assumes if you have existing customers, they are safe revenue sources and so you need to focus more on the new potential clients. But like here, if you don’t treat your existing customers with care then they will simply leave and you are kind of back to square one.

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