Traveling By Bus And Airplane On Trips
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Traveling By Bus And Airplane On Trips

One of my friend recently went on a trip with a bunch of other people to the US as they posted photos and mentioned about how much money they spent and how much they saved by doing certain things. One example was kind of interesting where they mentioned in order to save money on airfare they actually took a bus from Vancouver to the Seattle area. From there they took a plane to Florida and saved hundreds of dollars that way.

Although, they did mention that it was very tiring having to sit on that bus for quite a few hours. Then interestingly enough, today another person mentioned that he is pretty much doing the same thing today and will save a lot of money doing so too.

I suppose if you really wanted to save money going on a trip to a different country this can be a good way to do it. It’s just the matter of that sacrificing comfort and convenience I guess you can say.

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